Changing, adding, and deleting feature execution scripts

To manage feature execution scripts:


Select a script from the list to view and edit it.


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You can make changes directly in the text editor, or click Switch to tree editor to edit the script as a condition tree.


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In tree editor mode, when you highlight a statement, icons display to move it up or down, or delete it:

tree icons

You can also use Alt+j or Alt+k to move a statement up or down, and Alt+Del to delete it.

Tip You can switch back and forth between the text editor and tree editor, and changes in either will be persisted back and forth (as long as they are valid).


To add a new script:

  • Click Add New.

    An Add New Feature Execution Script dialog box displays.


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  • Enter the New script name.

  • Write the script using the text editor or tree editor.

  • Click Save.


  • To delete the selected script, click Delete Script.

    A prompt asks you to confirm the deletion.

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Sentinel Express Version 4.1