Configuration name

Diameter Sentinel

Applicable contexts

Diameter service

The Diameter Sentinel configuration contains general configuration properties for Sentinel’s Diameter-to-Diameter mediation service.


The DiameterSentinel configuration includes:

Parameters Value Description



Number of milliseconds Sentinel will wait for receipt of a CCR-T after having received an ASA. If the CCR-T is not received within this timeframe Sentinel will send a synthesized CCR-T to the OCS to finalise the OCS-session and will simply terminate the client-session



When false, the Diameter service sends received Abort-Session-Request messages on to the Diameter CTF client peer; when true, the Diameter service responds immediately with an ASA, without sending the Abort-Session-Request to the CTF peer, closing the CTF session, and sending a final CCR-T with zero used service units.

Configuration profile naming

Configuration Profile Table Name Description Profile Naming


Service configuration

SentinelSelectionKey (for example, OpenCloud::::)

Provisioning interfaces

The configuration can be provisioned using the Sentinel machine provisioning API.

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Sentinel Express Version 4.1