What is the Correlation RA?

There are situations where Sentinel must correlate two independent sessions. The Correlation RA allocates a correlation ID with the first session, that can then be used to process a second session. The Sentinel service may associate a blob of data with an allocated correlation ID.

The Correlation RA is used for two cases in Sentinel:

  1. Playing an announcement using ETC/ARI. In this case, the Correlation RA is used to allocate the correlation ID that is included in the ETC message, which is then present in the ARI message sent on a second dialog.

  2. Roaming Re-origination Feature. In this case, the Correlation RA is used to allocate a special routing address that is used in the Connect message on the initial dialog. A second re-originated dialog will be received by Sentinel for this special address. Sentinel uses the Correlation RA on the re-originated dialog to retrieve data that was associated with the special address via the first dialog. The associated data includes relevant details from the InitialDP of the initial dialog.

For more information about the RA itself refer to the Correlation RA documentation.

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Sentinel Express Version 4.1