Configuration name

Diameter Mediation

Applicable contexts

SS7/SIP/Diameter service

The DiameterMediation Configuration contains some general settings for the mediation layer.


The DiameterMediation configuration includes:

Parameters Description


String value, either ERRORS_END_SESSION or CCR_T_ENDS_SESSION. Determines if the Diameter Mediation layer ends sessions to the OCS after receiving an update CreditControlAnswer (CCA-U) with an error code in the Result-Code AVP on command level, or leaves sessions open to be terminated explicitly via a termination CreditControlRequest (CCR-T)


Boolean value Determines if the Diameter Mediation layer performs charging refresh based on the Validity-Time


Integer value Offset value used to compute Validity-Time timer expiry. timeInMs = (VT + offset) * 1000

Note CCR_T_ENDS_SESSION will only produce the expected results if the Quirks RA entity configuration property of the RA entity used to connect to the OCS is set to CONTINUE_SESSION_ON_NON_SUCCESS_UPDATE_RESULT.
Note The Tcc Timer and Validity-Time timers are armed redundantly if the session is replicated.

Configuration profile naming

Configuration Profile Table Name Description Profile Naming


Diameter Mediation configuration

SentinelSelectionKey (for example, OpenCloud::::)

Provisioning interfaces

The configuration can be provisioned using the web interface.

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Sentinel Express Version 4.1