Obtaining CDR files

The List CDRs tool is designed to read completed binary CDR files generated by Sentinel.

Sentinel uses the CDR RA to write CDR files in a binary format. It typically writes these CDR files to the cdr directory inside the Rhino installation, and writes these binary CDR files using names such as cdr_101_1468259745367.log.

The List CDRs tool can read these completed binary CDR files either in their raw binary format (e.g. cdr_101_1468259745367.log), or in gzip compressed format (e.g. cdr_101_1468259745367.log.gz).

Note Before a CDR file is completed, Sentinel may write a partial CDR file to disk, e.g. cdr_101_cdr-stream_28929467492591509.tmp. When a partially written CDR is ready to be rolled over, the CDR RA converts it to a completed binary CDR file, e.g. cdr_101_1468259745367.log. The List CDRs tool cannot read partially written CDR files. It can only read complete CDR files.
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Sentinel Express Version 4.1