To list usage parameter status, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Note To see which usage parameters management clients are receiving through notifications, you can list usage parameter status.

Console command: listusagenotificationsenabled


listusagenotificationsenabled <type> <notif-source>
      List the usage notification manager flags for the specified notification source


$ ./rhino-console listusagenotificationsenabled sbb \
    "service=ServiceID[name=VPN Service,vendor=OpenCloud,version=0.2],sbb=SbbID[name=VPN SBB,vendor=OpenCloud,version=0.2]"
parameter-name       notifications-enabled
-------------------  ----------------------
       callAttempts                    true
  missingParameters                   false
        offNetCalls                   false
         onNetCalls                   false
   unknownShortCode                   false
 unknownSubscribers                   false
6 rows

MBean operation: get<usage-parameter-name>NotificationsEnabled



public boolean get<usage-parameter-name>NotificationsEnabled()
        throws ManagementException;


  • return — a flag to indicate whether notifications are enabled or disabled for this usage parameter.

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Rhino Version 2.5.0