To get detailed information about an SBB entity, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Console command: getsbbinfo


getsbbinfo <serviceid> <sbbid> <sbb pkeys>*
    Get SBB information


To display information for SBB entity 101:109823584382:145 of the JCC VPN SBB in the JCC VPN service:

$ ./rhino-console getsbbinfo "name=JCC 1.1 VPN,vendor=Open Cloud,version=1.0" "name=JCC 1.1 VPN sbb,vendor=Open Cloud,version=1.0" 101:109823584382:145
parent-pkey          :
pkey                 : 101:109823584382:145
convergence-name     : :::::131:JccCall[call=CapDialog[appContext=2,appID=26918,dialogID=194,incarnationID=0],provider=JccProvider[capra:default,state=IN_SERVICE]]
creating-node-id     : 101
creation-time        : 20080428 10:31:04
priority             : 0
replicated           : false
sbb-component-id     : SbbID[name=JCC 1.1 VPN sbb,vendor=Open Cloud,version=1.0]
service-component-id : ServiceID[name=JCC 1.1 VPN,vendor=Open Cloud,version=1.0]
attached-activities  :
      > pkey                     handle                                                                                                                            ra-entity   replicated
      > --  --  --  -----------
      >  C.101:109823577380:4.0  ConnectionHandle[ConnectionID[call=CallHandle[CapDialog[appContext=2,appID=26918,dialogID=194,incarnationID=0]],address=63941012       capra        false
      > 1 rows

This command returns a snapshot of the SBB entity’s state at the time you execute it. Some values (such as pkey, parent-pkey, convergence-name, creating-node-id, creation-time, replicated, sbb-component-id and service-component-id) are fixed for the lifetime of the SBB entity. Others change as the SBB entity processes events.

Tip See SBB Entity Information Fields for a description of the fields getsbbinfo returns.

MBean operation: getSbbInfo


Rhino operation

public CompositeData getSbbInfo(ServiceID serviceID, SbbID sbbID, String sbbPKey)
    throws ManagementException, InvalidPKeyException, UnrecognizedSbbException,
          UnrecognizedServiceException, UnknownSbbEntityException;

This operation returns tabular data with detailed information on the given SBB entity.

Note For a description of the format of the tabular data that this operation returns, see the javadoc.
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Rhino Version 2.5.0