To check and configure the status for recording service metrics, use the following rhino-console commands or related MBean operations.

The details for metrics stats are listed in Metrics.Services.cmp and Metrics.Services.lifecycle.

Note The default is set to disabled for performance consideration.

Console commands



getservicemetricsrecordingenabled <service-id>
    Determine if metrics recording for a service has been enabled


To check the status for recording metrics:

$ ./rhino-console getservicemetricsrecordingenabled name=service1,vendor=OpenCloud,version=1.0
Metrics recording for ServiceID[name=service1,vendor=OpenCloud,version=1.0] is currently disabled



setservicemetricsrecordingenabled <service-id> <true|false>
    Enable or disable the recording of metrics for a service


To enable the recording metrics:

$ ./rhino-console setservicemetricsrecordingenabled name=service1,vendor=OpenCloud,version=1.0 true
Metrics recording for ServiceID[name=service1,vendor=OpenCloud,version=1.0] has been enabled

MBean operations: getServiceMetricsRecordingEnabled and setServiceMetricsRecordingEnabled


Rhino extension

Determine if the recording of metrics for a service is currently enabled or disabled.
public boolean getServiceMetricsRecordingEnabled(ServiceID service)
    throws NullPointerException, UnrecognizedServiceException, ManagementException;
Enable or disable the recording of metrics for a service.
public void setServiceMetricsRecordingEnabled(ServiceID service, boolean enabled)
    throws NullPointerException, UnrecognizedServiceException, ManagementException;
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Rhino Version 2.5.0