To list or set parameter set type → counter mappings, use the following rhino-console commands.



The optional argument below is supported. * `<parameter set type> `-- limits output to only the specified parameter set type name.

What it does

Lists the current Parameter Set Type + Counter Name to Index mappings used to represent SNMP statistics from each parameter set. Includes three columns of information:

  • the parameter set type name

  • the index assigned to the counter

  • the counter name within the parameter set type.


[Rhino@localhost (#20)] listsnmpcountermappings Transactions
Counter Mappings
Transactions                              2 active
Transactions                              3 committed
Transactions                              4 rolledBack
Transactions                              5 started



The following arguments must be specified:

  • <parameter set type> — the name of the parameter set type containing the counter to update

  • <counter name> — the name of the counter to update.

At most one of the arguments below must also be specified:

  • <index> — sets the mapping to the specified index value

  • -auto — assigns an index automatically

  • -none — clears the counter mapping.

Note If the parameter set type has default pre-defined counter mapping, -auto will set the counter mapping to the pre-defined value. Otherwise, it will set to an auto-generated value.

What it does

Sets or clears SNMP counter mappings.


[Rhino@localhost (#22)] setsnmpcountermapping Services activeRootSbbs 3
SNMP counter mapping for activeRootSbbs set to 3


Warning Deprecated in Rhino — see setsnmpcountermapping above.


The following arguments must be specified:

  • <parameter set type> — the name of the parameter set containing the counter to be cleared

  • <counter name> — the counter to be cleared.

What it does

Clears SNMP counter mappings.


[Rhino@localhost (#25)] clearsnmpcountermapping Services activeRootSbbs
SNMP counter mapping cleared.
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Rhino Version 2.5.0