To connect a limiter endpoint to a limiter, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Console command: connectlimiterendpoint


connectlimiterendpoint <limiterendpoint> <limiter>
    Sets the limiter endpoint to use the specified limiter


To connect limiter endpoint RAEntity/entity1/Input to limiter rate1:

$ ./rhino-console connectlimiterendpoint RAEntity/entity1/Input rate1
Connected limiter endpoint 'RAEntity/entity1/Input' to limiter 'rate1'

MBean operation: connectLimiterEndpoint


Rhino operation

void connectLimiterEndpoint(String limiterEndpointID, String limiterName)
        throws NullPointerException, InvalidArgumentException, ConfigurationException, ManagementException, LimitingManagementException;
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Rhino Version 2.5.0