To create a profile in an existing profile table, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Console command createprofile


createprofile <table-name> <profile-name> (<attr-name> <attr-value>)*

Add a profile to a table, optionally setting attributes (See Setting Profile attributes)


$ ./rhino-console createprofile testtable testprofile
Profile testtable/testprofile created


Setting profile attributes

When creating a profile, decide the profile’s attribute names and then enter them in rhino-console as a space-separated list of property-name value pairs.

White space, commas, quotes

If a profile or profile table name or an attribute name or value contains white space or a comma, you must quote the string. For example:

$ ./rhino-console createprofile "testtable 2" "testprofile 2" SubscriberAddress "my address" forwarding true

If the value requires quotes, you must escape them using a backslash "\" (to avoid them being removed by the parser). For example:

$ ./rhino-console createprofile testtable testprofile attrib "\"The quick brown fox\""

Name uniqueness

The profile name must be unique within the scope of the profile table.

MBean operation: createProfile



public createProfile(String profileTableName, String newProfileName)
    throws NullPointerException, UnrecognizedProfileTableNameException,
          InvalidArgumentException, ProfileAlreadyExistsException,


This operation requires that you specify the profile’s:

  • profileTableName — name of the profile table to create the profile in

  • newProfileName — name of the new profile.


Profile MBean commit state

This operation returns an ObjectName, which the management client can use to access a Profile MBean for the new profile. This MBean will be in the read-write state, so the management client can configure initial values for profile attributes before the SLEE adds the profile to the profile table. You cannot see the new profile in the profile table until you commit the Profile MBean’s state, using the ProfileMBean.commitProfile() operation.

Name uniqueness

The profile name must be unique within the scope of the profile table.

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Rhino Version 2.5.0