To create a limiter, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Name character restriction

The limiter name cannot include the "/" character.

Console command: createlimiter


createlimiter <limitername> [-type <limitertype>]
    Creates a new limter with the given name, and of the given type if specified.
    If no type is specified, then a RATE limiter is created by default.


To create a queue-saturation type limiter named saturation1:

$ ./rhino-console createlimiter saturation1 -type QUEUE_SATURATION
Successfully created queue_saturation limiter 'saturation1'.

MBean operation: createLimiter


Rhino operation

void createLimiter(String type, String name)
        throws NullPointerException, InvalidArgumentException, ConfigurationException, ManagementException, LimitingManagementException;
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Rhino Version 2.5.0