To create a persistence instance, use the following rhino-console command or related MBean operation.

Console command: createpersistenceinstance


createpersistenceinstance <name> <datasource-class-name>
    [(<property-name> <property-type> <property-value)*]
   Create a persistence instance configuration. A datasource class name must
   be specified along with any configuration parameters necessary for the
   datasource to connect with the persistence instance.


This example creates a new persistence instance with the following configuration properties:

  • Name: oracle

  • Datasource class name: oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource

  • JavaBean properties:

    • name: URL
      type: java.lang.String
      value: jdbc:oracle:thin:@oracle_host:1521:db

    • name: user
      type: java.lang.String

    • name: password
      type: java.lang.String

    • name: loginTimeout
      type: java.lang.Integer
      value: 30

$ ./rhino-console createpersistenceinstance oracle \
    oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource \
    URL java.lang.String jdbc:oracle:thin:@oracle_host:1521:db \
    user java.lang.String ${MANAGEMENT_DATABASE_USER} \
    password java.lang.String ${MANAGEMENT_DATABASE_PASSWORD} \
    loginTimeout java.lang.Integer 30
Created persistence instance oracle

MBean operation: createPersistenceInstance


Rhino operation

public void createPersistenceInstance(String name, String dsClassName, ConfigProperty[] configProperties)
    throws NullPointerException, InvalidArgumentException,
      DuplicateNameException, ConfigurationException;
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Rhino Version 2.5.0