Below are basic instructions and command-line options for starting the Scenario Editor.

Basic usage

To start the Scenario Editor, double-click the scenario-editor.bat start script (Windows):


or by running the following from the command line (Linux/Solaris):


The main Scenario Editor window opens and displays an introductory page.

main 1
  • The Scenario Editor automatically loads all available schema libraries from the schemas/ directory.

  • For details on components of the Scenario Editor main interface, please see the Main Interface topic.

  • You can see what a completed scenario looks like, by loading examples from the Help menu.

…or open scenario-editor.jar

You can also open the Scenario Editor by double-clicking scenario-editor.jar (in Windows or OSX), or by running the following command:

java -jar lib/scenario-editor.jar

Command-line options

From the command line, you can include options with the Scenario Editor, like this:

java -jar scenario-editor.jar [options] [scenarios]

for example

java -jar scenario-editor.jar -m MyScenario1.scen MyScenario2.scen

The Editor opens scenarios specified on the command line when it starts.

Three options are available:

Option Abbreviation What it does


Displays help on command-line options.



Marks scenarios loaded from the command line as 'dirty'.

Note Scenarios flagged as 'dirty' can be saved again immediately after being opened.


Tries to migrate scenarios specified to the latest schema version. For example, with Linux, to migrate all scenarios in a directory to CGIN v1.4:

 java -jar scenario-editor.jar -m `find scenarios -iname \*.scen`
Note The migration option opens, updates and saves each specified scenario, without confirmation.
Warning This option was added with v1.4, for batch migration of CGIN v1.3 scenarios to v1.4. It may behave unexpectedly against v1.2 and earlier scenarios.
Important This migration doesn’t detect validation errors it can cause — and it can break your scenarios. Back up your scenarios before using this option!
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