Warning Dialogs can only be created between existing roles (so before you can create a dialog, you must create at least two roles).

To create a dialog:


Select Add Dialog from the Edit menu, or click Add Dialog on the toolbar, or drag between roles lines.

The Adding a New Dialog…​ dialog box displays.


Tip The dialog color can be used to differentiate between dialogs if you need to create multiple dialogs between the same two roles.


Select roles and a protocol from the drop-down lists, type a name and description for the dialog, and click Create.

The dialog displays in the dialog list at the top of the Scenario Editor.


Editing and deleting dialogs
  • To edit a dialog, double-click it in the dialog list.
    New dialogs automatically populate with a default message based on the protocol
    (in the example, OpenRequest).

  • To delete a dialog, click to select it and press Delete, or right click on the role and select Delete from the context menu.

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