Warning Messages can only be created on an existing dialog (so before you can create a message, you must create at least one dialog).

To create a message:


Select Add Message from the Edit menu, or click Add Message on the toolbar, or drag between roles lines where a dialog already exists.

The Adding a New Message…​ dialog box displays.


Note See Message Editor Interface for descriptions of each part of the interface.


Select a Dialog and a Message Type (application context) from the drop-down lists, optionally fill out message content.

Tip See Tips & Tricks to quickly select multiple message elements, drag to create new messages, undo and redo changes, and copy and paste message data.


To specify message field values (for fields that take values):

  • double-click the field label, or click the field value in the message tree (at right) and type the value

  • or (for fields with predefined values) select from the drop-down list.+ argumentdropdown

Tip You can also add and delete some fields, and specify settings for optional and translatable fields.


To specify message attributes:

  • click to select an element in the message tree

  • double-click the attribute field in the attributes table (at lower left) and enter a new value.

Tip For the exact meaning of each attribute, see the Scenario Simulator documentation. See also Message Display Attributes.
Note Each entry in the attribute table has a tooltip which briefly describes its purpose.
Warning Not all fields support all attribute values.


Click Create.

The message displays in the body of the Scenario Editor.

Note All valid messages for the selected dialog display at the top of the Message Type drop-down list.
Warning Message types in red have an invalid application context for the selected dialog.
Tip After creating a message, you can move it between dialogs with the same protocol schema, by editing the value in the dialog dropdown box.
Important Changing the type of a message after creation will destroy all message contents.
(If you need to preserve data after changing the message type, copy and paste it.)
Editing and deleting messages
  • To edit a message, double-click on it in the message flow list.

  • To delete a message, single click to select it and press Delete.

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