What it does

The Rhino VoLTE TAS XCAP server is a web application that implements the XCAP (XML Configuration Access Protocol) towards the UE, and supports the XML schemas for user and operator data defined in TS 29.364. It stores and retrieves this information in the HSS using Sh Transparent Data, according to TS 29.364.

A subscriber can use the XCAP Ut interface from their UE to retrieve and modify their MMTel call settings, such as diversion and blocking, stored in the HSS.


For configuration details, see XCAP domains.

Shared configuration

The XCAP server takes the rest of its configuration from some of the shared system configuration files.

Number analysis

To validate that all URIs updated via XCAP are normalizable, the XCAP server uses:

Additionally, when a UE updates call diversion rules, the XCAP server checks the target URIs against the list of non-provisionable URIs from number-analysis-config.yaml.

BSF and NAF configuration

The BSF (Bootstrapping Server Function) and NAF (Network Application Function) must be configured to allow UEs to authenticate requests to the XCAP server. See RVT Authentication Gateway for details.

To configure any parts of the XCAP server not mentioned here, contact Metaswitch support.

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Rhino VoLTE TAS Version 4.1