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deployment-config:icscf  (in icscf-config.yaml)

Interrogating Call Service Control Function configuration. Used on MMT GSM, MMT CDMA, and SMO nodes.

This node and its descendants are configured in icscf-config.yaml.

When present

Used on MMT GSM, MMT CDMA, and SMO nodes.


This container is only valid when ../sentinel-volte or ../sentinel-ipsmgw.


The URI of the Interrogating Call Session Control Function (I-CSCF).

For MMT, the Conf and ECT features will automatically add an 'lr' parameter to it. The hostname part should either be a resolvable name or the IP address of the I-CSCF.

This node is mandatory.

Type sip-uri-type


The SIP URI type.


a string with length 0 or more matching sip:.*

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