IMS-defined subscriber data

The subscriber’s IMS subscription in the HSS needs to be provisioned to utilize IMS subscription data. This is not something that the Rhino VoLTE TAS can do. This must be performed by the operator using the tools or APIs provided by the HSS vendor.

Service-specific subscriber data

Service-specific subscriber data determines a subscriber’s service profile, services enabled for the subscribers, and calls they are allowed to make.

The following tools are available for managing service specific subscriber data.

Subscriber access via XCAP

The Rhino VoLTE TAS allows a UE to configure subscriber service data via the XCAP protocol on the Ut interface. This includes support for bootstrap authentication and NAF XCAP interactions on the Rhino VoLTE TAS’s MAG nodes. For detailed information on configuring the interfaces that use XCAP, see RVT XCAP.

Rhino TAS REST API framework

The Rhino TAS REST API allows for managing per-subscriber service data configurations. This supports the operations to Create, Read, Modify and Delete a subscriber’s service data.

For further information, see the Sentinel VoLTE Provisioning REST API documentation.

Web GUI provisioning and editing

There is support for an operator to manually manage subscriber data with the Rhino VoLTE TAS via a Web GUI. Contact Metaswitch support for more details.

HSS or HLR vendor’s tools

The service-specific subscriber data may be provisioned by an operator using the HSS or HLR vendor’s supplied tools and APIs given a service template.

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Rhino VoLTE TAS Version 4.1