This section describes the procedures for changing the schema that Sentinel Registrar components of MMT and SMO nodes use.

The default schema for storing third-party registration data in the TSN may have high disk usage. This disk usage is a consequence of decisions about table schema used by Registrar components and data handling in the Cassandra database engine. Under some circumstances disk usage may become unpredicatable.

To reduce overall disk space usage and to improve predictablility an alternative Cassandra schema is provided. The instructions here allow you to change the MMT and SMO nodes to use the alternative schema.

Both the MMT and SMO nodes store third-party registration data on the TSN node. Separate instructions are provided for the MMT and SMO nodetypes. Parts of the proceedure require a maintenance window. Each nodetype may be done in a separate maintenance window.

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Rhino VoLTE TAS Version 4.1