MSC integration

There is a MAP interface between the IP Short Message Gateway (IP-SM-GW) in the Rhino VoLTE TAS and the MSC.

What you need

  • ❏ A template default SMSC address for MAP messaging.

  • ❏ A unique SCCP address for the Rhino VoLTE TAS in the network.

  • ❏ An international address for the Rhino VoLTE TAS in the network.

Setting up the MSC interface

The Rhino VoLTE TAS to MSC interface configuration is in the sentinel-ipsmgw-config.yaml file.

In the map-messaging section, configure the template-smsc-address, originating-address and ipsmgw-as-msc-address values. The example configuration given here indicates input for what is needed for integrating with the MSC for SMS.


    # MAP messaging configuration

        # Template SMSC address. The digits are replaced by those of the received SMSC address.
        template-smsc-address: "type=C7,ri=gt,digits=0,ssn=8,national=false,nature=INTERNATIONAL,numbering=ISDN,gti=4,tt=0"

        # IPSMGW SCCP address.
        originating-address: "type=C7,ri=pcssn,pc=6,ssn=147"

        # IPSMGW international address.
        ipsmgw-as-msc-address: "address=653333333,nature=INTERNATIONAL,numberingPlan=ISDN"

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Rhino VoLTE TAS Version 4.1