module icscf-configuration {
    yang-version 1.1;
    namespace "";
    prefix "icscf";

    import vm-types {
        prefix "vmt";
        revision-date 2019-11-29;

    organization "Metaswitch Networks";
    contact "";
    description "I-CSCF configuration schema.";

    revision 2020-06-01 {
            "Initial revision";
            "Metaswitch Deployment Definition Guide";

    grouping icscf-configuration-grouping {
        leaf i-cscf-uri {
            type vmt:sip-uri-type;
            mandatory true;
            description "The URI of the Interrogating Call Session Control Function (I-CSCF).

                         For MMT, the Conf and ECT features will automatically add an 'lr'
                         parameter to it. The hostname part should either be a resolvable name or
                         the IP address of the I-CSCF.";

        description "I-CSCF configuration.";
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