Sentinel VoLTE Session Plans

For out of the box Session Plans and their Feature Execution Scripts, please see Built-In session plans.

Modifying the system through Session Plans

Sentinel VoLTE provides an implementation of core VoLTE standards as features. These features may be enhanced, replaced or even by-passed.

In order to add new features, replace features, or customise existing features it makes sense to read Sentinel Session Plans and Feature Execution Scripts. These “wire together” multiple features to form services that MMTel AS and SCC AS provide.

Both session plans and feature execution scripts are scoped via a Sentinel Selection Key. This provides flexibility, in allowing different combinations of features on a single platform. For example, you might want to scope features by network operator, or have sets of features associated with a different plans.

Sentinel successively falls back to a broader scoping of the selection key, to load the feature execution script for processing a session. Ultimately the least specific portion of the selection key, the platform operator, is used to load a feature execution script.

Feature execution scripts can change on-the-fly. For example, when an administrator changes a feature execution script, it can be used in processing subsequent sessions without a restart.

Different session plans for different types of sessions

Sentinel supports session plans for various different types of services:

Editing session plans and feature execution scripts using REM

Sentinel product documentation covers the basics for:

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Sentinel VoLTE Version 2.7.0