The provisioning web interface appears as an extension inside the Rhino Element Manager (REM) web application.


Using Rhino Element Manager

For general information on using REM, see the Rhino Element Manager User Guide. To use the Sentinel provisioning web interface and machine API you will, at minimum, need to configure a Rhino instance in REM.

To access the Sentinel VoLTE provisioning interface in REM:


Open a browser, and enter the URL of the REM server where the Sentinel REM extension has been installed (for example, http://localhost:8080/rem).


Enter your REM login credentials (the default account credentials are emadm / password).


Select Manage a Rhino Element.


Connect to the Rhino instance where Sentinel VoLTE is installed.


Select one of the options from the Sentinel menu.


For documentation on each of the VoLTE Sentinel panels, please see the following links:

Menu item(s) Link

Session Plans

Managing Session Plans (Sentinel)

Feature Execution Scripts

Managing Feature Execution Scripts (Sentinel)

HSS Subscriber Data

REM HSS Transparent Data Editor (VoLTE)

Feature Configuration
Service Configuration
Sentinel Core Configuration

Configuring Features, Services, Sentinel Core, and Promotions (Sentinel)


Managing Mappers (Sentinel)

Session Types

Managing Plans, Session Types, and Subscriptions (Sentinel)


Managing Correlation Resource Adaptor Entities (Sentinel)

XCAP and XCAP - Simservs

XCAP Server (VoLTE)

HSS Configuration

Configuring Diameter Sh for the XCAP Server and REM (VoLTE)

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Sentinel VoLTE Version 2.7.0