These features are MMTel specific.

Feature What it does

a logical representation of supplementary service data as a group of POJO objects. It allows MMTel services/features to execute independently of any concrete schema for the supplementary service data. Therefore it can be loaded from the HSS or the HLR using the MMTel-Services XML schema or 3GPP MAP ASN.1 schema.

lets users create multi-party sessions between two or more parties

provides a means for UEs to subscribe to “conference” event package notifications for a conference

enables a ‘diverting user’ to divert communications addressed to the ‘diverting user’ to another destination

lets a UE be informed that no resources are available for an incoming communication

determines if the SIP session is roaming and if it represents an international, or international ex HC call, based on the location of the calling party and the destination address

lets a user suspend reception of the media stream(s) of an established IP multimedia session, and resume the media stream(s) at a later time

implements incoming communication barring and anonymous communication rejection

implements outgoing communication barring

are barring conditions determined by the operator that takes precedence over MMTelICB and MMTelOCB

implements the Originating Identification Presentation (OIP) service

implements the Originating Identification Restriction (OIR) service

implements the Terminating Identification Presentation (TIP) service

implements the Terminating Identification Restriction (TIR) service

handles the finalisation of charging when a call is answered over WiFi.

records charging information about MMTel supplementary services invoked on a call.

determines if and how the Flexible Alerting features will execute based on feature configuration and the HSS Subscriber Data.

implements the Flexible Alerting service, by alerting the group members in parallel

implements the Flexible Alerting service, by sequentially alerting the group members.

connects the IMPU acquired from the subscriber registration to the existing ACI for the session transfer

checks if the subscriber has the STOD service provisioned

handles the transfer request and route it to the previous bound session

intercepts the transfer INVITE routed by the MMTelStodTriggerAnchor feature and connects the existing called led to the new calling leg and releases the previous calling leg

enables a party involved in a communication to transfer their role in that communication to a third party

adds the geo-local value to the Tel URI phone-context parameter for local numbers that should not be translated to international format.

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Sentinel VoLTE Version 2.7.0