With network operator data, you can enable multiple network operators on top of a single Sentinel platform installation.

Sentinel VoLTE features define configuration properties that you scope by Sentinel selection key.

This means that different network operators can have different settings for the same feature. For example, Operator 1 might play an announcement when a session is held, whereas Operator 2 may not. — as specified in the MMTelHold feature’s network configuration.

Key aspects of Sentinel VoLTE are also multi-tenanted. For example, each network operator may have different:

  • OCS addresses configured

  • HSS destination realms and hosts

  • Sh Cache instances

  • Field mappings for Sh transparent data

  • and so on.

Sentinel VoLTE stores network operator data per-component, in JSLEE configuration profiles. Please see each component’s documentation for details on network operator and selection key based configuration.

Note This document refers to the data as ‘Network Operator’ data, as this is its most common scoping — but the Sentinel selection key concept is flexible: a feature’s configuration data can be scoped in other ways. For details, please see Sentinel’s selection key documentation.
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Sentinel VoLTE Version 2.7.0