SIP SIS resource adaptor entity (sip-sis-ra)

Note Refer to the SIS documentation for more information about the SIP SIS resource adaptor.

The sip-sis-ra is used for initiating and third-party SIP dialogs for both the Sentinel SIP Service and the Sentinel Subscription Service.

Link name Default Bound RA entity



Sentinel and SIS

The sip-sis-ra interacts directly with the SIS, which is configured with compositions for the Sentinel SIP Service. The Sentinel SIP Service is triggered by all events from the SIP SIS RA entity. This behaviour is configurable. See the SIS documentation for more information about compositions and triggers.

Configuring SIS

Use the sis-console or SIS REM Module to modify the default SIS and sip-sis-ra configuration properties; see the SIS administration guide and SIS REM Module user guide for more details on managing the SIS instance.

Configuring the network interface

By default the sip-sis-ra is set to listen on localhost ports 5061 (secure) and 5060. It should be set to an external interface for network integration.

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Sentinel VoLTE Version 2.7.0