This page describes how to manually upgrade a Sentinel VoLTE 2.7.0.x install to a newer version of 2.7.0.x. This procedure includes saving the configuration from your running system, installing a new version, and then applying the configuration from the old install to the new install. Generally you can just use the sentinel-volte-sdk installer to install a new version. However if you have bespoke post-install configuration in your current Sentinel VoLTE install that you want to retain, you can follow these instructions.

Warning This manual procedure is no longer the recommended way to upgrade VoLTE in production. Use the semi-automated VoLTE upgrade procedure instead. However, this manual procedure still applies when using the Rhino SDK.

This page does not cover upgrading between major releases, e.g. 2.6.x to 2.7.0.x.


This upgrade procedure should not be used in conjunction with changes to your installer choices, e.g. changing from HSS to HLR. A fresh install is required if you wish to change your network components.


It may be necessary to increase the Rhino Management Tools default memory settings in order to successfully export and import profiles. See Rhino Management Tools Memory Considerations for more details.

  • Rhino Production — Use these instructions if you are using a Rhino Production Cluster.

  • Rhino SDK — Use these instructions if you are using the Rhino SDK.

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Sentinel VoLTE Version 2.7.0