How it works

The non-provisionable URIs specified in the Rhino VoLTE TAS are used for denying a call forward. If a non-provisionable URI matches a target URI (after normalization), any call forwarding rules related to this are ignored. For further information on call forwarding, see Communications Diversion (CDIV).

In addition, any XCAP request to create a forwarding rule which contains a non-provisonable URI is rejected.

Interactions with other services

The configured non-provisionable URIs interacts with call forwarding and limits what call forwarding rules can be provisioned.


The non-provisionable-uris field designates what the Rhino VoLTE TAS will not provision, as shown in the example number-analysis-config.yaml file.

Setting up non-provisionable URIs configuration

I want to …​

Specify a series of URIs that the Rhino VoLTE TAS will reject call forwarding rules for

To set the Rhino VoLTE TAS to disable provisioning for certain URIs, in the number-analysis section, set non-provisionable-uris with a list of non-provisionable URIs.

        - "111"
        - "tel:111"
        - "sip:111"
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Rhino VoLTE TAS Version 4.0.0