What it does

Location based dialing (LBD) is a service that allows a subscriber to dial a number that redirects to a different number depending on the subscriber’s location.

LBD is invoked when the Vertical service codes service detects that a subscriber has dialed a number that requires it. When invoked, LBD retrieves the dialed number and attempts to determine the subscriber’s location. Using this information, it consults a database to get a new number. If one is found, the call will be redirected to it.

If the service can’t determine the subscriber’s location or the database doesn’t have an entry for their location, the service can instead take any of the following actions:

  • play an announcement to the subscriber

  • end the call

  • redirect the call to a default destination.

Subscriber data

Per-subscriber location based dialing service data is provisioned in the Metaswitch-TAS-Services document stored in HSS transparent data.


For standard Rhino VoLTE TAS deployments, the Metaswitch-TAS-Services document is disabled. This must be enabled to activate the location based dialing service.

Further information on configuring the location based dialing service subscriber data is given in Location based dialing subscriber data.

Interactions with other services

Vertical service codes (VSC)

LBD depends on the vertical service code service to identify when a number requiring LBD has been dialed.

Call barring

Call barring operates based on the original number dialed by the subscriber, not the new number targeted by the LBD service.

International Call Management

When it does number analysis the International Call Management service will look at the original dialed number, not the new number targeted by the LBD service. This means that if the LBD service directs the call to an international number, International Call Management may bar the call if the original number was not dialed with a country code.


Currently, the declarative configuration for the location based dialing service is only available through low-level overrides, which require the guidance of Metaswitch support.

To configure the service, contact your Metaswitch customer care representative.

Note Full declarative configuration support for this service may become available in a later version.
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Rhino VoLTE TAS Version 4.0.0