What it does

Originating Identification Presentation (OIP) service allows the terminating user to receive identity information from the originating user. The OIP service removes and anonymizes headers based on the originating user’s SIP message privacy header.

The declarative configuration for the OIP applies calling party identity presentation rules network wide for all OIP subscribed subscribers. Whether the OIP service is active and if it may diverge from this network default is determined by how the subscribers are provisioned in the MMTel Services document. The OIP service depends on the terminating user’s provisioned settings for OIP.

Applying identification presentation rules

The OIP service uses the privacy header on the originating user’s requests and responses to decide what is presented to the terminating subscriber.

If the privacy header field is set to:

  • id, the privacy header will not be removed. The Rhino VoLTE TAS does not anonymize anything, the S-CSCF would remove the P-Asserted-Identity header.

  • header, all headers containing private information are anonymized per RFC 3323 Section 5.1.

  • user, all user configurable headers are anonymized per RFC 3323 Section 5.3.

There are other privacy headers supported, they are enforced as per RFC 3323.

Also, if the terminating subscriber does not subscribe to the OIP service, then:

  • any P-Asserted-Identity or Privacy header is removed from the originating user’s request

  • if anonymize-from-header is set true, the from header is anonymized

Interactions with other services

Originating Identity Presentation (OIR)

The OIR service directly impacts on how the OIP applies presentation restrictions to the terminating user. The OIR adjusts the privacy header from the originating user’s request that is used to apply privacy changes to that request.


The Rhino VoLTE TAS B2BUA functionality automatically anonymizes the Call-Id, Record-Route, and Via headers on the originating user’s request.


The example for sentinel-volte-gsm-config.yaml and example for sentinel-volte-cdma-config.yaml show example configuration relevant to OIP in the sentinel-volte/mmtel/privacy/originating-identification-presentation section.

What you need

  • ❏ Whether to anonymize the originating user’s from header when OIP is not active for a subscriber.

  • ❏ Whether to allow the History-Info header to be deleted when using OIP.

You will also need to configure the OIR service as well to determine how the privacy header may be pre-processed when OIR is active.

Setting up subscriber data

There are subscriber provisioned OIP settings configured in the HSS inside the MMTel-Services XML document for the subscriber.

Setting up OIP

I want to…​

Anonymize the from header for non-active OIP subscribers

In the originating-identification-presentation, originating-identification-presentation section, set anonymize-from-header to true:

                anonymize-from-header: true
Allow deletion of the History-Info header

In the originating-identification-presentation, originating-identification-presentation section, set allow-history-info-header-deletion to true:

                allow-history-info-header-deletion: true
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Rhino VoLTE TAS Version 4.0.0