The Rhino VoLTE TAS requires integration with the ATCF (Access Transfer Control Function) in the IMS network for SCC AS functionality.

What you need

  • ❏ A Session Transfer Number for SRVCC (STN-SR) to allocate to the SCC AS.

Setting up the ATCF interface

The configuration for the ATCF to Rhino VoLTE TAS interface is in the sentinel-volte-gsm-config.yaml or sentinel-volte-cdma-config.yaml file.

In the service-continuity section, configure the stn-sr values. The example configuration given here indicates input for what is needed for integrating the Rhino VoLTE TAS with the network’s ATCF.

sentinel-volte-gsm-config.yaml or sentinel-volte-cdma-config.yaml


        # Service continuity configuration.

            # STN-SR.
            stn-sr: "6421999999"
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Rhino VoLTE TAS Version 4.0.0