# This file describes the pool of Virtual Machines that comprise a "ShCM group"

  # needs to match the deployment_id vapp parameter
  deployment-id: example

  # needs to match the site_id vApp parameter
  site-id: DC1

  # Define one or more Rhino users and give their passwords in plain-text.
  # Passwords will be encrypted by 'rvtconfig upload-config' before this file is uploaded to CDS.
  # This user is a read-only user, they can log in and see things in Rhino but do not have permission to change configuration
  # it is discouraged to log into Rhino to modify configuration using REM, instead the declarative configuration system should be used
    - username: readonly
      password: xxxxxxxx

    - vm-id: example-shcm-1
      diameter-sh-origin-host: shcm1.shcm.site1.mnc123.mcc530.3gppnetwork.org

    - vm-id: example-shcm-2
      diameter-sh-origin-host: shcm2.shcm.site1.mnc123.mcc530.3gppnetwork.org
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Rhino VoLTE TAS Version 4.0.0