The Rhino VoLTE TAS requires integration with several other services in an IMS network to utilize its full capability. This section discusses the several configuration options to integrate Rhino VoLTE TAS operations with other parts of the network. You will usually find the information required in your network design/topology document.

What it does

Integration of the Rhino VoLTE TAS to your network involves editing interface specific addresses and values for the relevant Rhino VoLTE TAS YAML configurations that are being used. For example, a VoLTE network with GSM networking support will require configuration changes to the sentinel-volte-gsm-config.yaml file. If there is an interface that is left unused by the network, it can be disabled by deleting or commenting out the specific interface’s section.

Further information on how to specify and edit configuration YAML files is specified in the guide on how to use the declarative configuration system. In addition, there are further options available beyond system integration, such as tuning message timeouts, in the configuration reference guide.

Important The example configurations in this section use valid, but placeholder, values that will not work with your network. You will need to replace the values according to your network setup.
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Rhino VoLTE TAS Version 4.0.0