Service Assurance Server (SAS) configuration is automatically configured based on the contents of the sas-config.yaml file. Here you can enable or disable SAS tracing, specify the list of SAS servers that Rhino will send diagnostics to, and optionally set the system type and version that Rhino will use when communicating with SAS.

More information about SAS configuration can be found in the Rhino Administration and Deployment Guide.

System name, type and version

The system name, type and version define how each Rhino node identifies itself to SAS. The system name identifies each node individually, and can be searched on, e.g. to filter the received events in SAS' Detailed Timeline view. The system type and version are presented as user-friendly descriptions of what application and software version the node is running.

System name

The system name is not configurable for RVT nodes. It is set to:

  • <deployment ID>-shcm_<index> for ShCM nodes, where <index> is a 1-based index for each VM reflecting its place in the order of the VMs in the VM pool YAML file.

    Example: mydeployment-shcm_1

  • <deployment ID>-<node type>_<Rhino node ID> for other nodes, where <node type> is the node type in lowercase (for example mag), and the _<Rhino node ID> suffix is added by means of the appendNodeIdToSystemName Rhino configuration option.

    Example: mydeployment-mag_101

System type

The system type defaults to the node type (in lowercase, for example mag).

System version

The system version defaults to the VM version, for example 4.0.0-1-1.0.0.

Limitations on reconfiguration

Changing the SAS configuration parameters

It is only possible to reconfigure the SAS configuration options (SAS servers, system name, system type and system version) when SAS is disabled. As such, in order to change these settings you will first need to disable SAS, either by uploading a temporary set of configuration files with SAS disabled, or by using rhino-console. This should be done in a maintenance window to reduce the impact of the temporary loss of SAS tracing.

It is possible to enable SAS tracing at any time.

SAS resource bundle

Rhino’s SAS resource identifier is based on the system type and version. This resource identifier is contained in the SAS resource bundle, and is what allows SAS to decode the messages that Rhino sends. If you change the system type or version then you will need to re-export the SAS resource bundle from Rhino and import it into the SAS server(s) or federation. Follow the instructions in the Rhino Administration and Deployment Guide or the deployment guide for your solution.

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