VNF validation tests

What are VNF validation tests?

The VNF validation tests can be used to run some basic checks on deployed VMs to ensure they have been deployed correctly. Tests include:

  • checking that the management IP can be reached

  • checking that the management gateway can be reached

  • checking that sudo works on the VM

  • checking that the VM has converged to its configuration.

Running the VNF validation tests

After deploying the VMs for a given VM type, and performing the configuration for those VMs, you can run the VNF validation tests for those VMs from the SIMPL VM.

Run the validation tests: csar validate --vnf <node-type> --sdf <path to SDF>

Here, <node-type> is one of tsn, mag, shcm, mmt-gsm, or smo.

If any of the tests fail, refer to the troubleshooting section.

Note An MDM CSAR must be unpacked on the SIMPL VM before running the csar validate command. Run csar list on the SIMPL VM to verify whether an MDM CSAR is already installed.


Check using MetaView Server that there are no active alarms. Refer to the Troubleshooting pages if any alarms are active.

Per-node checks

Please refer to the pages below for additional checks that can be run on each individual node type.

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