Rhino Checks


Check using MetaView Server or REM on the MAG node that there are no active Rhino alarms. Refer to the Troubleshooting pages if any alarms are active.

Active components

Check using REM on the MAG node that various ShCM components are active.

Check REM Page Expected Result

Check SLEE is running

Monitoring tab → Cluster NodesState

The SLEE should be in the Running state.

Check ShCM SLEE services are active

Monitoring tab → Services

Both sh-cache-microservice and sh-cache-microservice-notification-service should be active.

Check ShCM Resource Adaptors are active

Monitoring tab → Resource Adaptor Entities

cassandra-cql-ra, diameter-sh-ra and http-ra should be active.

Health Check API

If the curl commands fail with a connection exception, check the correct IP address and port is being used. The signaling address of the ShCM needs to be used or the request will be rejected.

Check Actions HTTP Result

Check the microservice is working correctly.

curl -G http://<signaling IP address>:8088/shcache/v1/infra/up -v


Check that the microservice is in service and ready to receive requests on this API.

curl -G http://<signaling IP address>:8088/shcache/v1/infra/ready -v


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