module tsn-vm-pool {
    yang-version 1.1;
    namespace "";
    prefix "tsn-vm-pool";

    import vm-types {
        prefix "vmt";

    organization "Metaswitch Networks";
    contact "";
    description "TSN VM pool configuration schema.";

    revision 2019-11-29 {
            "Initial revision";
            "Metaswitch Deployment Definition Guide";

    grouping tsn-virtual-machine-pool {
        leaf deployment-id {
            type vmt:deployment-id-type;
            mandatory true;
            description "The deployment identifier. Used to form a unique VM identifier within the
                         VM host.";

        leaf site-id {
            type vmt:site-id-type;
            mandatory true;
            description "Site ID for the site that this VM pool is a part of.";

        leaf node-type-suffix {
            type vmt:node-type-suffix-type;
            default "";
            description "Suffix to add to the node type when deriving the group identifier. Should
                         normally be left blank.";

        list virtual-machines {
            key "vm-id";

            leaf vm-id {
                type string;
                mandatory true;
                description "The unique virtual machine identifier.";

            description "Configured virtual machines.";

        container scheduled-cassandra-repairs {
            presence "This container is optional, but has mandatory descendants.";
            uses vmt:scheduled-task;
            description "Repair Cassandra on specified schedules, for maintenance purposes.
                         If omitted, Cassandra repairs will be scheduled on the leader node
                         every day at 02:00.

                         Note: Please ensure there are no Rhino restarts within one hour of a
                         scheduled Cassandra repair.";

        description "TSN virtual machine pool.";
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Rhino VoLTE TAS VMs Version 4.1