Sh Cache Microservice not running after installation

Check that bootstrap and configuration were successful:

[sentinel@shcm1 ~]$ grep 'Bootstrap complete' ~/bootstrap/bootstrap.log
2019-10-28 13:53:54,226 INFO bootstrap.main Bootstrap complete
[sentinel@shcm1 ~]$

If the bootstrap.log does not contain that string, examine the log for any exceptions or errors.

[sentinel@shcm1 ~]$ report-initconf status
[sentinel@shcm1 ~]$

If the status is different, examine the output from report-initconf for any problems. If that is not sufficient, examine the ~/initconf/initconf.log file for any exceptions or errors.

If bootstrap and configuration were successful, check the Rhino journalctl logs.

[sentinel@shcm1 ~]$ journalctl -u rhino -l

Further information can also be found from the ShCM logs in /var/log/tas and its subdirectories.

  • Rhino logs are found in /var/log/tas/rhino.

Rhino Alarms

Not Connected to Cassandra

Node: 101
Level: Critical
Type: CassandraCQLRA.ConnectToCluster
Message: Not connected to Cassandra. Attempting to connect each 10s
  • Check that the Cassandra server is active on the TSN nodes.

  • Check the network connectivity to the TSN nodes.

  • As TSN nodes are discovered automatically, no further configuration should be necessary. Ensure this node has been provided (as part of its configuration bundle) with the correct SDF for the TSN nodes, as the IP addresses to connect to are derived from this SDF.

Connection to SAS server is down

Node: 101
Level: Major
Message: Connection to SAS server at [host]:[port] is down
  • Check that SAS is active.

  • Check the network connectivity to the SAS server host and port.

Diameter Peer is down

Node: 101
Level: Warning
Type: diameter.peer.connectiondown
Message: Connection to localhost:3888 is down
  • Check the Diameter peers are configured correctly.

  • Check the network connectivity to the Diameter peer host and port.

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Rhino VoLTE TAS VMs Version 4.1