This document provides instructions for using the Visual Interaction Architect (VIA), a Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool you can use to build and deploy SIS components (triggers, compositions, and macros).


This document includes the following topics:

  • About the VIA — a brief overview of the Visual Interaction Architect (VIA)

  • Installing VIA — procedures for choosing and installing the correct version of VIA for your OS and Java JVM

  • Creating SIS components with the VIA — procedures for creating SIS triggers, compositions, macros, and different types of service references; and removing and modifying SIS components

  • Managing live SIS deployments with VIA — using the SIS Management API to remotely manage the deployment of a SIS, downloading SIS components from a remote SIS, and changing and updating the deployment with local changes

  • Fine-tuning the configuration — editing global and project-specific configuration files.


This document is for system administrators as well as service developers who intend to use the VIA GUI for creating, deploying, managing, and maintaining the SIS on a Rhino SLEE.

This document assumes a knowledge of the concepts explained in SIS Overview and Concepts.


This document covers procedures for installing and using the Visual Interaction Architect (VIA) GUI.

This document does NOT focus on:

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