VOLTE uses mappers as it processes third-party REGISTER requests.

The General Registrar Mappers provide general Third Party Registrar support in Sentinel. They are installed out-of-the box in a Sentinel VoLTE installation. The following mappers support the ESRVCC registration process within VOLTE.

Tip For an overview of what mappers are and how they work, please see Mappers in the Sentinel documentation.

Mapper execution points

The Registrar searches for mappers at the following mapper execution points:

Mapper Execution Point Role of mappers at this point


Building a SIP MESSAGE message to the ATCF.

Tip See the enum com.opencloud.sentinel.mapper.RegistrarMappingPoint in the sentinel-sip-registrar-common module.

Mappers included with VOLTE


From …​ …​ To Description



Builds a SIP MESSAGE message that is passed to the ATCF during ESRVCC processing.

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Sentinel VoLTE Version 3.1.0