This page presents summaries and links to more detailed descriptions of features installed with the Sentinel VoLTE product.

SIP features

The SIP features can be thought of as building blocks for any SIP-AS functionality, regardless of whether it is MMTel-AS, SCC-AS or any other SIP-AS.

General VoLTE features

The General VoLTE Features are used by both the MMTel-AS and SCC-AS functionality of the Sentinel VoLTE product. They can be thought of as building blocks for MMTel-AS and SCC-AS.

MMTel features

The MMTel Features implement MMTel-AS functionality.

SCC features

The SCC Features implement SCC-AS functionality.

Third Party Registration features

The Third Party Registration features implement the necessary Third Party Registration functionality for the MMTel-AS and SCC-AS.

CAMEL features

The CAMEL features can be thought of as building blocks for SCP functionality.

General features

The General Features are essentially utility features that are installed out-of-the-box.

The Sentinel VoLTE product does not use the Subscriber Data Lookup and Subscriber Validity features as the General VoLTE features are used instead. These features may be used when customising Sentinel VoLTE.

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Sentinel VoLTE Version 3.1.0