Call Barring Features.

Feature What it does

implements incoming communication barring and anonymous communication rejection

implements outgoing communication barring and operator determined retargeting

provides call barring rules determined by the operator that take precedence over MMTelICB and MMTelOCB

are 4 operator defined rules that are stored in the AS. The ODB data indicates which of them should be evaluated and, like all others ODB conditions, they take precedence over MMTelICB and MMTelOCB

provides a mechanism for an operator to augment the implicit or explicit condition of a MMTelOCB barring rule, so that the rule will also apply when the called party number matches some prefix with optional length criteria

provides a mechanism for preceding features to bar a call on behalf of the terminating user. It takes precedence over ODB and MMTelICB

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Sentinel VoLTE Version 3.1.0