Component name


Applicable contexts

  • SS7 service

  • Diameter Mediation Service

Features using component

The Sentinel XPath component supports a subset of the XPath language, which supports Diameter messages in Sentinel.

It supports path expressions for querying Diameter messages. The path elements are Diameter AVPs with ‘-’ removed. For example, Multiple-Services-Credit-Control has path element MultipleServicesCreditControl.

Note The elements are case sensitive.


Query the Validity-Time AVP from the first Multiple-Services-Credit-Control AVP:


Query the command-level Result-Code AVP:


Query the Subscription-Id AVP:


XPath predicates can be used to query specific AVPs where multiple AVPs of that type are permitted. For instance, multiple MultipleServicesCreditControl AVPs are permitted in CreditControlRequest and CreditControlAnswer.

To return the Result-Code AVP from the MultipleServiceCreditControl AVP with Rating-Group set to 1, use the following expression:

  • MultipleServicesCreditControl[RatingGroup=1]/ResultCode

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Sentinel Express Version 3.1.0