Scoping, loading, editing, adding, and deleting subscriber data

To manage subscriber data:


Subscriber data can be scoped to network operator or session type using the selection widget at the top.


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To load a particular subscriber data record, enter the subscriber’s MISISDN and click Load.

The subscriber data record displays (if one can be found).


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To edit a subscriber data record:

  • Click Edit.

    The subscriber data record becomes editable.

  • Make your changes, and click Save.


To add a new subscriber data record:

  • Click Add New.

    Blank subscriber data fields display.

  • Enter all details, and click Save.


To delete the selected subscriber data record:

  • Click Delete.

    A prompt asks you to confirm the deletion.

  • Click OK to delete the subscriber data record.

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Sentinel Express Version 3.1.0