In the SLEE component model, a resource adaptor (RA) provides the interface between the application and the network. It adapts the physical resource to events which the SLEE can send and receive. Sentinel makes use of a number of resource adaptors, for purposes ranging from database connections to network integration.

OpenCloud Resource Adaptors used by Sentinel

Sentinel may install various Resource Adaptors and configure RA entities. This actual RAs and RA entities installed and configured varies based on which components are used.

The Resource Adaptors Entities may include:

  • diameterro-0 — adapts outbound sessions with multiple OCSes; speaks Diameter Gy and Ro

  • diameterro-1 — adapts inbound sessions with multiple Diameter clients; speaks Diameter Gy and Ro

  • cgin  — adapts inbound CAP sessions for CAMEL IN integration

  • http  — adapts inbound http triggers for things such as 3rd-party call initiation

  • cdr  — for writing of call detail records (or 3GPP Charging Data Records)

  • correlation-ra  — maps an item of data to a unique ID for lookup; currently used for call reorigination

  • dbquery-0  — manages relational database connections through JDBC

  • hector  — manages Cassandra connections

  • uid  — generates unique IDs for miscellaneous use by Sentinel features and services

  • sip-sis-ra  — adapts inbound SIP sessions for SIP network integration

Tip All these RAs can be viewed and configured using the Sentinel Element Manager. Future releases of Sentinel will have resource adaptors to support other protocols, such as Diameter CCA. Customers can also add their own resource adaptors, using the Sentinel SDK.


The Sentinel SS7 service uses the CGIN RA for SS7 integration. For details on configuring the CGIN RA, see the CGIN documentation.

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Sentinel Express Version 3.1.0