Feature name


Applicable contexts

SS7 service

SAS Support


Typical feature execution points

Any of the initial trigger feature execution points such as DirectAccess_SessionPreCreditCheck

Prerequisite features


This feature requests Sentinel core to relay the received dialog to another network element.

Session state inputs and outputs

This feature does not read from or write to session state.

Error scenarios

This feature has no error conditions.

Feature responses

Response Reason


the dialog should be relayed


feature has finished

Call flow

The InitialDP may have been altered by features. For example, the calling and called party numbers in the InitialDP may have been normalised to an international format. The InitalDP relayed to the new network element will contain any such changes.

MSC ---- OpenRequest --> Sentinel
MSC ----- InitialDP ---> Sentinel
                         Sentinel ---- OpenRequest --> New Network Element
                         Sentinel ----- InitialDP' --> New Network Element
MSC <----------------- OpenAccept -------------------- New Network Element


This feature is not configurable.

Provisioning interfaces

This feature has no provisioning interfaces.

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Sentinel Express Version 3.1.0