DBQuery resource adaptor entities

The Sentinel installer creates a DBQuery resource adaptor entity called dbquery-0. The dbquery-0 resource adaptor entity is configured to connect to a local relational database.

Note See the DBQuery RA documentation for more about the DBQuery RA.

DBQuery database type

Before installing Sentinel, you can configure the DBQuery RA database type by adding the db.type property to sdk.properties or sdk.local.properties. Valid options for this property are postgres, oracle, and timesten. The Sentinel installation process compiles the DBQuery RA with the appropriate JDBC driver for that db.type.

Many features provided with Sentinel, and new features developed with the Sentinel SDK, may use the DBQuery resource adaptor.

Features that may use the DBQuery resource adaptor

The following features provided with Sentinel may be configured to use the DBQuery resource adaptor:

Note See Provisioning Configuration and Provisioning Data in TimesTen for how to manage data in an external database using the Sentinel Element Manager.
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Sentinel Express Version 3.1.0