This page describes the different Rhino VM Automation VM type(s) documented in this manual.

It also describes the ancillary nodes used to deploy and manage those VMs.

An SGC node is a node that provides the OCSS7 Signaling Gateway Client (SGC) application, which provides an SS7 protocol stack.

Refer to the Flavors section for information on the SGC VM’s sizing: number of vCPUs, RAM, and virtual disk.

Ancillary node types


The SIMPL Virtual Appliance provides orchestration software to create, verify, configure, destroy and upgrade instances of your custom VM and the optional supporting REM and SGC VMs. Following the initial deployment, you will only need the SIMPL VM to perform configuration changes, patching or upgrades - it is not required for normal operation of the deployment.


SIMPL is deployed as a single VM instance. Instructions for deploying the SIMPL VM can be found here for VMware vSphere, or here for OpenStack.


The deployment you are upgrading should already contain a SIMPL VM. Ensure the SIMPL VM is upgraded to the latest version before proceeding with the upgrade of your custom application solution nodes.

Metaswitch Deployment Manager (MDM)

The custom application solution uses Metaswitch Deployment Manager (MDM) to co-ordinate installation, upgrades, scale and healing (replacement of failed instances). MDM is a virtual appliance that provides state monitoring, DNS and NTP services to the deployment. It is deployed as a pool of at least three virtual machines.


You must deploy MDM before deploying your custom application solution nodes.


If you are upgrading from a deployment which already has MDM, ensure all MDM instances are upgraded before starting the upgrade of your custom application solution nodes. Your Customer Care Representative can provide guidance on upgrading MDM.

If you are upgrading from a deployment which does not have MDM, you must deploy MDM before upgrading any of your custom application nodes.

In a production system, you will need at least three SGCs per site.

In a lab trial deployment, you can have just one SGC.

The maximum number of SGCs in a single site cluster is seven.

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