If you have deployed MetaView Server, Metaswitch’s network management and monitoring solution, you can use MetaView Explorer to monitor alarms on your VMs.

These instructions have been tested on version 9.5.40 of MetaView Server; for other versions the procedure could differ. In that case, refer to the MetaView Server documentation for more details.

Setting up your VMs to forward alarms to MetaView Server

To set up your VMs to forward alarms to MetaView Server, configure the following settings in snmp-config.yaml. An example can be found in the example snmp-config.yaml page.

Field Value




<any value>




- version: v2c
  host: <MVS IP>
  port: 162

Then, perform the configuration to upload the configuration.

Adding your VMs to MetaView Server

  1. Set up a deployment (if one does not already exist). From the Object tree and Views, right-click on All managed components and select Add Rhino deployment. Give the deployment a name and click apply.

  2. Right-click on your deployment and select add Rhino Cluster. This needs to be done once per node type. We recommend that you name your cluster after the node type.

  3. For every node in your deployment, right-click on the Rhino cluster created in the previous step for this node type and select add Rhino node. Enter the management IP address for the node, and the SNMP community configured in snmp-config.yaml. If the node has been set up correctly, it will show a green tick. If it shows a red cross, click on the bell next to Alarm state → Attention Required to see the problem.

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